Daniel John Sullivan
New CTO of Wide Awake Media (in Ireland)


Dear “I AM SULLY” Followers:

I met Jarrod Fidden only a few weeks ago – strangely, as a new member of his dating site: AWAKE.DATING.

At first, I thought Jarrod was just some “admin”, checking on new users. I’m fairly burnt out on dating sites AND social media, so I entered Jarrod’s world jaded. Those who know me, in Indianapolis and Seattle, will tell you that since my sister’s death in 2012 and my divorce in 2013, well, I have been a miserable bastard at times – feeling sorry for myself, as if I’m the only one with “shit storms” these days. I’m not. Jarrod and I talked a great deal, via skype, and we found out we had a great deal in common.

I barely know Jarrod, in terms of time, yet I would say “I know him” – he is a man, like me, far less than perfect, but with a proper human heart (a rare thing these days).

Because of my own baggage – it was rough at first …


But Jarrod, unlike myself, has been more inclined to ‘struggle and try’ in recent years than my behavior of ‘give-up and run’ – I have been a coward for much of the last 5 years … sure, I post crazy shit on my blog, but what is that compared to being a true entrepreneur? Or a parent trying to be decent, loving, protective, in a world that makes being a healthy family almost impossible? Or any number of other roles, aspects, to living, that seem stripped of humanity – these days? The fact is there are many kinds of ‘heroes’ and ‘cowards’, and most of us will play one of those roles … at some point in our life.

I’m ready to be a hero again, not simply an internet jackass …

Random, maybe: my niece, recently, complemented me on my willingness to be honest on my blog. We had just seen the “Civil War” movie (poorly named for 2016). I told her, “… your dad carries the weight of you, your brothers and sisters, he is far braver than I …”

I was once a brave man …

And then I became a coward …

Now, a ‘wizard’ shows up at my door and says (with an Aussie accent) – “GET OFF YOUR ASS! EMBRACE THIS LIFE GOD DAMN IT!” He didn’t actually say it that way, but it’s the sense, the feeling, of things. I needed a wake-up call … and Jarrod provided it, in ways I don’t think he understands yet.

Don’t get me wrong …

I know I can do this – but knowing you can do something is NOT the same as doing it.

Bottom line, this is a quest, adventure, a process I am going through – one outcome will be a highly secure, respectful, decent place for humans to be … well … decent humans to each other (and sometimes, likely, a little rowdy). But decency, also, isn’t perfection – ‘decency’ is a heart, with love, and respect, avoiding as many ‘collisions’ as possible … Jarrod and I want to create a place that does NOT replace true community – the community that is right outside your front door … a few steps down the path.

To make a long’ish story shorter …

Jarrod and I talked a LOT.

Jarrod offered me the job of CTO at W.A.M. (Wide Awake Media).

I accepted.

And now the adventure begins …

But nothing is that simple – if you have a heart.

I will be leaving behind, if only for a short while during this period of “building the start-up”, a lot of people, places, things, I love …

  1. EDGE DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS has been my professional home for the last year. I moved to Indianapolis, after my divorce, in 2014 – I was in a crappy, negative, hole. I worked for an accounting company for about 8 months up near the “Fashion Mall”, and that sucked … I was hired on by Edge in February 2015 and even though it has only been a year, it has been a blessing - the people at Edge are kind, hard-working, honest and rare. I will miss you all – I cannot say how much, only that I am thankful: Greg, Aaron, Sherry, Ed, Liz, Ben, Karen, other Sherry, all the APS folks – Sandy! I will miss you all.
  2. My brother George doesn’t need me to say this – because we’ve talked a lot. He is such a good man in such a messy world. George home-schools his kids, and those that have gone on to the public schools have performed outstandingly. In his own low-profile way, as an amazing dad, he makes the world a better place – and I need him to know I will miss him and his family.
  3. My sister Patricia, who has been so kind and so sharing to me – “I’m not going away forever, just for a bit …”
  4. I have a bunch of friends I do a piss poor job of staying in contact with: Kraig, Karrie, Wynn, Mike (all “Mikes”) … I could go on and on. I’M NOT JOINING THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION – just going to Ireland to write some fantastic code (one hopes).
  5. Ah Seattle – I grew up in WA State (Mt. Vernon) and I try to make it back there, when I can stomach being treated like an animal by the TSA and the airlines. But I have family – what’s left of my “sisters” (who I love). I grew up Irish Catholic, my parents practiced the “rhythm method” and that’s why "George and Vera" ONLY had 8 kids (a joke some will understand). I will miss all my sisters: Mary, Dorothy, Lorraine, Peggy that live in Washington. And … yes … I will miss Seattle – though I have to keep up gruff appearances on that subject.

I can’t go on, much further, thinking of people, and getting sad – because this is NOT farewell …

(this is bon voyage)

(and good luck on the journey)


Daniel John Sullivan, CTO W.A.M.

P.S.: I’m not deleting or ending or censoring (permanently) my YOUTUBE ( or IAMSULLY.COM presence. I am following my “Dr. Freckles’ Rules of War”. My posts will be back up, but for now I am fighting to create an environment, online, where humans are not victimized (like FACEBOOK) and can control their data – simply, easily, and to be NEVER punished for “leaving and coming back”. It will be hard – but not impossible. “I AM SULLY” is not gone …

I am “Sully” …

I’m on a mission.

(and I need to maintain OPSEC)

(and what if ...)

(... what if I'm heading towards the VILLAGE?)