A “Shout Out” to the human race …

I am libertarian.

I am not libertarian because I am some great entrepreneur who has fashioned his life out of whole cloth without wrinkles or tears.

I am not libertarian because I believe in some terrible notion of social Darwinism or a misguided fallacy of Nietzsche’s “Will to Power” – these are stereotypes and completely opposed to what I and most libertarians believe.

I am libertarian because I cannot imagine a decent society, a moral society, a human and appropriately scaled society without liberty. Humans require liberty as much as brick layers require mortar, without freedom society is only as strong as the meanest cop, the most horrific fear.

I often blog and rant about the negative features of life today, but I must remind you of something I believe in my heart: most of us are not mean spirited and evil. Most of us, if given the opportunity to choose the right thing WILL choose the right thing. I cannot show why – perhaps it is genetic, perhaps it is spiritual, perhaps it is all and both and too complex to understand.

Perhaps, when we look into the gaze of the “other” and we feel that presence of consciousness, our own soul/awareness binds – and compassion is found in the bridge that is built of this connection.

What I can say is this: I have been shown compassion of late. I work with people who could choose to be other, and have not. I am mystified by this human act, in such a mean world, but I must recognize it and announce it.

Humans don’t all suck.

We still have a chance to get it right.

But, the only future we have is in liberty – and the non-obligatory kindness of those humans we live with.

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I just want to get into my car and drive …

I have had many days like this, in recent years. The frequency of these days has decreased a bit (1 or 2 per month), but the thoughts, feelings, desires, objectives are all just as intensely felt and aimlessly problematic.

I wake up, I look around, and I want to “get out of here” because “here” feels stupid.

“Here” feels like a dead-end.

“Here” feels like a waiting period until I die and THEN there is nothing left of me to go anywhere, to anything or anyone.

“Here” is a gravestone.

“Here” is a dark pit of nothing.

I know, I know – this is immature, childish, ridiculous. Being an “adult” means being married, stable, owning a home, having kids, participating in the “adult world” and doing “adult shit”. Adults are “ok” with being “here”.

But what if “here” is really stupid?

What if paying taxes to fund murder, violence, chaos, is actually dumber than getting in my car and driving away?

What if buying a home or investing in the markets is the real fool’s errand?

What if no matter how well I do my job, I will simply be homeless in a few years any ways?

What if I don’t believe the lie and doubt that this situation America finds itself in will or can improve, but rather the “situation” will get worse – both economically and socially?

So, NO! – the feeling is not stupid, the intent is valid, but the direction is still a mystery and direction, in this case, is everything.

I don’t know where I would head towards, I simply know what I would be running from.

And, perhaps, it is enough to know what you are leaving, but it is even better to have some insight into your destination.

I simply know this: “here” feels stupid and I don’t want to be “here”.

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