“Breakfast All Day!”

I was born in 1970, in Sedro-Woolley (WA).

I was a kid during the 70’s, during the stagflation, the double-dip recession, we were afraid that America was nearing its end-point, final days, when the stage lights dim and the curtain falls. Who knows … those were crazy times … disco … Jimmy Carter … bell-bottoms … etc.

But, back then, during those times, we also had “breakfast for dinner”.

I had 6 sisters, 1 brother – which means my parents raised 8 kids. They weren’t perfect people, my parents, but they meant well and did the best they could with the resources they had. My dad was a logger and sometimes the money was good, but there were times, back then, when money was tight – and my dad was out of work. So, we had breakfast-for-dinner … because it was easier … because we liked pancakes … because it saved money.

It saved money – “breakfast for dinner” …

Now we fast-forward to today, and all I see are signs – declarations that we now serve “breakfast all day”.

(and this is a good sign?)

(I’m supposed to believe this is about the “customer”?)

And I don’t know …

Maybe this is ok – comforting.

Maybe it’s easier to do this than to have an honest conversation about the direction of American civilization.

Maybe …

(but go get a McMuffin while you’re thinking about it)

(they’re making them all day now)

(“breakfast for dinner” – it’s like your first meal is your last meal …)

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