A place, a thing, or a person you left behind …


In life, we can often measure our progress by those things we leave behind; our regrets, anger, despair. If we are lucky, we easily identify the dead-weight of existence and toss it overboard, but sometimes we aren’t so lucky and sometimes it isn’t so clear what or who the “dead-weight” is …

In love, we want to commit – but for how long?

How long do we hold on to another before we let them drift below the waters?

How long do we stay true? – until it is less than convenient? Until your friends start asking questions about your “weird husband”? At what point do you simply “cut the dead-weight loose”?

I think this is the problem: not everything in our lives is dead-weight.

Many of the things, people, structures, we surround ourselves with are designed to propel us … to give us the energy to go further, faster, with greater purpose. Whether it is religion, family, friends … or lovers … there are forces in our lives, if properly harnessed, that can make the difference between failure and success.

And sometimes …

Without even noticing it …

Something, or (more likely) someone …

… stops being dead-weight.

They were, and now they’re not.

And if you had the courage to hold on a bit longer, you might have seen this – but you didn’t …

(because it was too embarrassing)

(to be around your friends)

(… with your “dead-weight”)

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Racism … with a side of Trump …

Listen here, or download podcast.

At the end of this podcast, I didn’t really express the sentiment quite right; I meant to say, “my freedom stops, where your freedom begins, and vice versa …”. But there are many who would have difficulty understanding that statement.

“So this is as simply as I can put it: I believe we should all be free, to do and be who we are, as long as we are respectful of others, treat others with dignity as we would hope to be treated, and to know that the only liberty one doesn’t have is the liberty to enslave others.”

I know this is whimsical bullshit to many people … to live in a society of free, and dignified, people … respectful of each-other’s differences … but not simply being defined by our differences … not being the true “bitter clingers” who must define themselves SOLELY in terms of race, gender, religion, ideology, etc. … because we’re really not that fucking different where it counts.

(we’re not)

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Obama’s presidency has one of the WORST economic records in U.S. history …

“Barack Obama will be the only U.S. president in history who did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth.”

Source: The Gateway Pundit

What does this imply?

a) That Obama is really a shitty president.

b) America is simply in decline.

c) All of the above …

Here’s the point – especially for those of you I left behind in Seattle …

You can say “it’s Obama’s economy” as the chairwoman of the DNC said back in 2012, but you have to take ownership of the whole thing – and not just the bubble phase from 2009-2014.

(but that’s the thing about Republicans and Democrats)

(they don’t really understand logic)

(… and they assume the voters don’t either)

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