Cheating the market with Photon-Tunneling: the only way left for the rest of us…

  1. The DOW/NASDAQ are hopelessly manipulated by Goldman-Sachs server co-location, LIBOR manipulation and FED free money (on tap) for the “anointed ones”.
  2. Given the level of fraud, it appears there is no real way to “game the system” for the rest of us.
  3. However, there is ALWAYS time travel. Of course, sending a person backwards in time is too god-awful expensive — but what about transmitting information at factors of 10-1,000 times the speed of light?
  4. The basic diagram below describes a scheme by which X-RAY photons, transmitting binary information, might be able to transmit information (from the future) to the past at several factors of the speed of light. This effect is achieved from photon-tunneling. Think of this like a radio transmitter capable of sending signals backwards in time.
  5. The device envisioned below (with a coil wound to 3 million miles) would only ‘buy’ 5-10 seconds over current information, but would allow a rogue trader to game the DOW/NASDAQ — assuming they could commit to trades, using algorithms, within the narrow window of time. The output at T (Time) minus 1 would need to be directly connected to the motherboard of a trading computer, and those trades (based on future information) are directed via high-speed connectivity to the market clearing house.
  6. Of course, we should want 45 minutes to an hour of lag time, so some tuning may be needed (and, you know, several billion dollars to make work). But, in theory, this tactic could disrupt the monopoly that some firms have on “fast trade” via algorithms and co-location.

You may have realized, I hope, that I mean this post in jest – actually, it was going to be the basis for a short Sci-Fi novella or story, but I was too lazy to complete it.



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“DON’T FUCK WITH TIME!!!” : The Anti-Photon Laser, “Entropy Pumping” and Time Travel

(FREE-POSITRON LASER: the very simplistic concept/design, shown above, would guide POSITRONS emitted from radioactive fluorine and apply the same technique used in a free-electron laser to this same problem – very dumb)

A person should always be wary of documenting a crazy idea from when they were 16 years old. Of course, at 16 (like many I have come to know in this life), I was a loner and mostly alienated from other people. Alienation is not an unusual state for a teenager, but my case was made worse by family circumstances – both too complex and too irrelevant (to our present topic) to discuss here.

Instead, I would like to reveal a youthful conjecture and explain the reasoning behind it.

As a teenager, I consumed as much as I could of Scientific American and various OTC scientific journals – some infinitely better than others. During the ‘hey day’ of SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative), I became very interested in the theoretical foundations of laser technology. Of course, my life took a different road, but that too is not the point of this blog entry.

Laser light is produced when an ATOM of some element is excited to release coherent radiation – radiation where all the wavelengths are the same and the direction is equivalent and amplified. The electrons, orbiting the nuclei of the atom, absorb the photons that are pumped into the system and then jump to a higher energy level, where they release the photon (emit) – hence the concept ‘quantum leap’. Certainly, this is no place for a half-ass explanation of the theory, and there are many good sources these days for deeper and more accurate explanations.

Separate from the basic theory of how to produce a laser beam – Light Amplification from Stimulated Emission of Radiation – there are many varieties and means to produce coherent/amplified/directed radiation. The following is a VERY short list:

  1. Solid State Lasers: the very first laser was a solid state laser, using a synthetic ruby crystal and the means of ‘pumping’ the energy into the laser came from relatively conventional sources of incoherent radiation.
  2. Gas Lasers: Energy pumping is done using radio frequency generators forcing an inert and isolated gas to release photons (raising quantum energy levels), then using mirrors to reflect and amplify the light.
  3. Semi-conductor Lasers: These are the most abundant, because they are basically L.E.D. lights (Gallium-Arsenide Lasers and have a similar structure – essentially light emitting diodes). These are the lasers you generally find in ‘laser pointers’ or targeting lasers on firearms. They are cheap and abundant these days.
  4. Chemical Lasers: The airborne laser platform, deployed by the USAF, uses explosive gas (hydrogen fluoride) as both the energy pump and the medium for achieving coherent radiation.
  5. Free Electron Lasers: This laser uses a directed electron beam (in a vacuum) to generate the energy for the laser. The beam is manipulated using EMF to force a release of photons (coherent radiation).

Anyways, clearly my own life/career choices took me somewhere other than theoretical physics or ‘laser’ engineering.

I digress, getting back to the main topic…

During a trip, my Sophomore year in High School, I began thinking about why an object in motion has ‘energy’ in it as a result of momentum? How is Newtonian energy stored/distributed within an object in motion? These are naive and stupid questions, but, like I said – teenager.

Do you need displacement or motion through space to produce this change?

Well, from a crude perspective, displacement is not required. A top, spinning on a point, that is virtually stationary, can contain massive amounts of kinetic energy.

So, if displacement is not necessary, then why is any relative motion required at all? Energy can neither be created or destroyed – but it CAN be transformed (usually with an associated cost). So why couldn’t you simulate the effect of acceleration and momentum without any motion at all?

This was the genesis of an idea for taking advantage of relativistic time travel, without traveling through space – can you pump an object with energy, in such a way, that the object behaves as if it is moving at velocities close to the speed of light, but the object is stationary? The problem is the pump. How would you pump a non trivial object with energy and produce this effect?

More importantly, given the amount of energy required to achieve a high-percentage (98% of c) of the speed of light, how do you pump a system (a human for example) without complete and total obliteration (i.e. the human is destroyed)?

At the time, it seemed to me that you would need to use some kind of holographic technology, operating on MANY different wave-lengths, to evenly direct and distribute photons throughout the body in question (body here can mean anything, box, cat, baseball or person).

Let’s assume you could do this…

That you could actually “simulate” the effect of velocity and acceleration, by pumping energy, in a distributed way, into some system – and to do so without impacting structural cohesion…

Given all that…

This only helps with the form of time travel that is uncontroversial. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and its effects have been documented and proven using high speed jets and atomic clocks.

Going backwards in time is the real trick.

There are two things you need to be able to show/prove if traveling into the past is possible: 1) that the paradoxes of causality can stay consistent and 2) that the past, in any case, actually exists.

I do not want to provide another half-baked regurgitation of the grandfather paradox – mostly because it is a well known and well argued proof against time travel. As far as the past existing, well, I think this may be the real philosophical and scientific barrier. Now, 26 years later, I might be convinced of the idea that the past and present are concepts that have little real meaning beyond our conventional usage in language. This is not to say there was never a past, but rather the arrow of time goes in one direction and it is unlikely that there is a ‘place’ or rather ‘time’ that exists beyond this moment.

But for purposes of argument and conjecture, let’s assume the following:

  1. Events in the past exist and are true. They continue to exist. We don’t experience them because, as with wakes behind a moving boat, these waves cannot catch up with us. But, if we could some how ‘slow down’ our speed through time, these wakes of past events could catch up and pass us.
  2. Paradoxes of temporal causality only have ONE solution if you want to travel backwards in time – our universe is really the collection of EVERY possible outcome of EVERY branch in sequence along the time line. But, the likely universes are distributed, logically, according to probability. Another way of saying this is that ‘bizarre or implausible’ universes may exist, but the amount of energy needed to reach these is roughly correlated to the distance in the past one can reach – arguably, the further you want to go back, the more energy you would need. Put another way, if you could somehow get back to ‘near’ the moment creation (big bang), you might be able to visit all possible universes (small ‘u’) for our given bubble universe (big ‘U’). And, if hawking is right, there are many universes that come in and out of existence, and that complicates diversity of universal manifestation further.

So, even if you accept these two incredibly over-simplified assumptions, it still doesn’t tell you ‘how’ you might travel backwards in time.

Let’s revisit the idea of pumping a system with energy to achieve relativistic effects – if this were feasible, might there be an inverse relation at work here?

Let’s think of this in a slightly different way – is it possible to slow local entropy?

We sort of do this all the time – its called refrigeration. We, using brute force and a lot of energy, reduce the temperature of a region of space such that objects which would decay quickly at room temperature stay fresh and safe to eat. Maybe even one day, in the future, we will be able to create a means to safely store humans, at very low temperatures, so that they can ‘pass the time’ awaiting some future. But, this would really be traveling forward in time (or would it?).

Imagine you are a hyper intelligent being in the future and you have ‘unfrozen’ a human who was in cold storage. From the humans perspective it seems like traveling forward in time,  but from the futuristic being’s perspective you are a tiny fragment of the past – a steak left in the freezer. You, your capsule (time capsule), are a portal (via slowed entropy) into a past never envisioned by the future people. You become a form of time travel for them.

Here is another thought experiment.

One of the key assumptions here is that entropy, within any given system, roughly aligns with the temporal properties of said system.

Let’s say you could freeze a local space – down to the quantum level…

An evil scientist develops a ‘ray gun’ that let’s him or her (evil scientists can be any gender) freeze a whole space (like some space the size of a building or tavern) and keep any change from happening – assuming this evil scientist had a nearly free and abundant source of energy. Then, after 100 years, the device runs out of energy and the local space syncs up with the universe. For the folks who might venture into the ‘old timely tavern’ it would seem like a trip into the past, for the folks in the tavern (other than being terribly maltreated), they (if they could leave the tavern) would engage with a future that just moments ago, from their perspective, was the past.

At low energy levels (I would even include the gedanken experiment above as this), what we achieve from pumping energy out of a system is essentially a really, really good freezer. But, if this works as relativistic time dilation does, then ‘time contraction’ happens at energy levels that are very close to absolute zero. Yeah.. Dunking someone in liquid nitrogen would be about as safe as firing a powerful laser at them – without a means to gauge and manage the distribution of this effect, the ‘real’ effect is destructive.

This is where the naive interpretation of matter/anti-matter physics comes into play. If we can use lasers to pump energy into a system, could we use them to remove energy from a system? How would this work?

For this we need an anti-particle to the photon that produces annihilation (oops, first law of thermodynamics is not happy with this). Current theory, which is superior to my own teenage cosmology, would say my notion of an anti-photon cannot exist – the photon is it’s own anti-particle. But, as with all flights of fancy and speculation, as long as you know it is dubious you are in no danger of being led astray.

For the moment, let’s pretend that the annihilation of energy poses no problems (it kind of does, but I don’t want to dwell). How about this as a way to avoid breaking 1LOT – when an electron, of non anti-matter, absorbs an anti-photon, it in fact is forced to release 2 photons. If an atom continued to absorb anti-photons, the immediate effect would be a reduction in entropy and could be a means of refrigeration.

But what if I could do with anti-photons what my ‘simulator’ of relativistic effects does with our garden variety photon? Could this be a means of  ‘slowing down’ local space such that ‘space from the past’ catches up? Of course, once you visited that space you could never return to your original timeline, which makes time travel into the past more or less equivalent to visiting other ‘universes’ within our temporal/causal multiverse.

“Quantum Fall”, the opposite of a quantum leap, occurs when we progressively reduce the energy levels of electrons orbiting the nuclei of the atom. If we can do this, without ‘tearing’ or ‘fracturing’ the material we wish to transport backwards in time, then we might assume that at high percentages of entropy reduction (98% or greater) our experimental material would undergo “Time Contraction”.

This is it.

This is NOT science, but rather conjecture.

More importantly, this is mostly ‘remembered’ conjecture from 26 years ago…

Did I tell you that you pay NOTHING for visiting this blog? Then worst case, you got your money’s worth by reading this entry – actually, worst case is I wasted about 20 minutes of your day.

One more thing before you depart in anger…

I think the only form of “time travel” that would be meaningful to any one of us would be the form where “you could go back and change your own life” – you could go back and “kill Hitler” and other shit and that would change the “current world”. But this kind of time travel is, in fact, the most complicated and dangerous. Unintended consequences aside, it seems logically impossible that you could continue to exist once this change had been made – even a MINOR variation in a singleton time line would erase who you are before the “rift”.





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Quality Assurance

Victor Genevieve knew all too well the “ins and outs” of computers.

He wrote his first computer program when he was 10. He sold his first program to IBM when he was 18 – it was 1983, “War Games” was the big movie, and every kid with a phone modem wanted to be a hacker. Victor, or Vic, or “Kid-Tornado” as his bulletin-board friends knew him, was someone who knew how to program – because he knew how to solve problems.

The program he had created was able to identify, in near linear time, memory leaks in other software – it was a simple application of a graph theory algorithm, but it made him famous …

For a while.

Then came real life, and work, and stupidity, and failure, and blah, blah, blah …

But this was 2014.

And, today’s problem was a bit different.

Dr. Leopold Scrage worked as Chief of Research for Tarrow Aerospace in Seattle, WA – an ancient and respected and well loved local business. Tarrow’s planes have problems with their batteries and Dr. Scrage knew this 10 years ago. Before Pacifica-Air, before Mumbair, before Romanian Air Lines 909 – before over 1,000 lives had been lost to a lithium battery exploding like a bomb and ripping the tail section off the plane at several hundred miles per hour.

Dr. Scrage intended to tell everything …

The whole enchilada …

The complete story on what had happened …

He also enjoyed jogging.

Vic loved joggers, and he loved homeless people. He believed that the homeless were so deliberately ignored by their “surroundings”, that to be homeless, in a city like Seattle, was to be invisible. Vic loved being invisible.

Dr. Scrage couldn’t be allowed to testify or make a deal or write a book or go on a speaking tour. Dr. Scrage had committed the cardinal sin of being an insider – to try to go “outside” again. There is no outside, not after you have been inside.

Vic wanted to become rich – as a software engineer – but it never quite worked out.

When the DOT.COM bubble burst in the 2000′s, and he found himself the owner of a near bankrupt software testing company, he knew he had to make a change.

He had always been in great shape. He had trained in martial arts – different techniques. He knew how to use guns and owned guns. He understood the foundations of security. Sure, he didn’t know EVERYTHING – but he knew he didn’t want to be poor and homeless.

So he figured out that maybe, after all his employees were fired, after his company was gutted, he could form a consulting company – “software quality assurance”.

He could charge outrageous amounts – they always do.

He could speak the language and get paid directly, from corporate accounts – or indirectly, as a sponsor for some “corporate outing”.

He could be, very easily, a hit-man – a hired killer.

Today’s job was a favorite – the “bump and push”.

He was thinking about it – it was almost 6 AM:

“Leopold, the ‘jogger’, will cross the bridge. I will be hunkered down, on the other side, as he jogs by – looking like a homeless person who is barely awake (or maybe smoking a cigarette).”

“I will be clutching a knife, covered in a nearly untraceable heart-attack inducing agent, and when he passes by, on the other side, I will run across, stab him in the side, and push him off the bridge.”

“Then, after this is done, I will walk away – dropping the knife off the bridge into the water below.”

Victor knew his job – he understood “quality assurance”.

(too be continued)

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QUARTRAINIUM 57: Tele-prompter speaks, but the silence is deafening

[As he steps outside the door, bracing for torrential rains, his mind does much to explore - before his fellows become insane. Clownadamus (Dr. Freckles), notorious for words, phrases, statements, and other issuing memorandum, speaks from TRUTH this morning, after consulting with crows and flowers and the SUN. Heed these broken ideas.]

KELMER is the break-water, for Russian princes, English tea, and cowardly, scuttling, bugs of nothing. THE DARK SEAS, penetrated by earthen ramparts and COSSACK nightmares. CHEMICAL STREAMS are spotted, near Taruska, not far from the ancient altar of GIMBUS.

Southern flight, mourning the bent, broken – sunken and despotic.

Northern route, turbulent, forgetful, with truncheon and bat and whip.

BAMUS sends a resounding MAYBE to the DUTCH KING as parlor maids break down the tents of woe. Cherished riddles and token gestures greet the CLUELESS minstrel of default.

MAGIC NUMBERS: { 4.5, 33, 4414, pi/45 }


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I am not a pessimist, not in the long term …

Many believe, based upon first impressions and other stereotypes, that I am a pessimist – this “feels” correct to them, because they are often deeply immersed in delusion.

I am a pessimist with respect to the short-term.

In the short-term, over the next few years (maybe a decade) the world and the United States will experience great tests – both collectively and individually.

How we respond to these “tests” will define our future.

How we respond to these challenges will be our only way to have a future.

Long term I believe humans gravitate back to their dignity, self-reliance, intelligence and liberty.

And, I just have to believe that great minds, men and women, are even right now, at this minute, toiling away to find a means to “replace OIL”, to “travel faster than light”. To allow the human race to take a step, even if pensive, off Planet Earth and towards the stars. No one can promise or guarantee this, but I have faith in two powerful forces: a) human liberty and b) human intellect.

Free men and women can change the world.

So I dream of a day, when I hear this announcement:

“Mr. X, of Z, father of N, has travelled to Mars, landed, and returned in under 1 week.”

This sounds impossible – for now it is.

But I dream of this any ways.

I dream because I work also.

I dream because we must start believing in the power of free men and women, again.

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