Las Vegas


“I have carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, and COPD …” –  so the dealer told me, and I could believe it.

This dealer “Maggie”, at the black-jack table, seemed cool enough … she was nice … she gave me advice – “don’t hit on 14 if the dealer is showing a low card hun”. So I played some “21”, and I won a little, and I lost a little more, and I won a little more – I ended up losing about $140.00 in Vegas (and I considered that a success).

I didn’t go to “Vegas” for vacation, I had to go for work. A major software vendor for the public school systems was holding a kind of developer/user conference and in my new job it was my role to go, and take notes, and participate. But from the very moment I arrived there, in that town, I was grossed out.

The walk from Planet Hollywood to the Flamingo nearly made me vomit – like the stench from Hell’s anus.

The side-walks of Las Vegas were sticky … with some kind of amalgam of protein based fluids … and there were throngs of illegal aliens handing out little cards – advertisements for under-age sex-traffic.

The casinos were mazes, designed to confuse, to trap, to keep people “winning” …

I asked a floor boss for directions, knowing that whatever advice I would be given would most likely be another deception – and this too did not disappoint. The floor boss had given me directions that would send me right back onto the casino floor – but I knew enough to realize his game … I ignored the dude’s directions, and followed my instincts … and escaped that trap.

I quit smoking about 12 years ago – I’ve smoked a little since, but mostly quit. I didn’t buy one cigarette in Vegas … and by the time I had left I felt like I had smoked about a carton of cigarettes … and not the expensive kind.

Everywhere I looked I saw sadness, desperation, and a fruitless attempt at being the “success” that our media, and our “leaders”, and other zombie sociopath types say “you gotta be” – and in each case these wanderers towards the mirage of Americana were tossed and broken upon the reefs of harsh experience.

Sticky, smelly, slimy, gross – these are the adjectives I apply with some censorship towards Las Vegas.

“But Dan, you’re not being fair!” – bullshit.

And here’s one more thing …

“Vegas” isn’t special.

Sure, Las Vegas is extreme, but it is merely an exaggeration of America today – Vegas is just the U.S.A. with the volume turned up … but Vegas, per se, is not qualitatively different from the rest of our nation … Vegas is just a littler further down the road of self-destructive scum-baggery.

And I wish the platitude, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” were true – God how I wish that were true.

Truthfully: the nasty-misery that is Vegas stuck to my soul and I will be spending the next few weeks trying to wash that diseased mire out of me.

(viva Las Vegas)

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I am not a prophet.

I don’t have some special mission, I do not possess some special connection to the universal … whatever … whatever you want to name the unnameable everything.

I am not touched by God, nor do I believe I am some minion of the Devil.

My words are my own, as much as such can be true – given we are all members of a human community.

I sense that something dark, ugly, dangerous, and probably cataclysmic is just over the horizon, and that event-horizon is not years away, but more likely months away (or even days and weeks).

I do not claim to “see signs”, and yet signs of one form or another are everywhere – no special discernment is required to see them.

I would ask that people remember, now and in the trials to come, that there is nothing more important than love, family, liberty and truth.

There may come a day when brother will be turned against brother, parents against their children, and friends become enemies – this does not have to be, but it is likely to be.

So yeah …

I’ve disconnected myself from TWITTER and LINKED-IN and I will likely close down my blog and youtube channel next … or … who knows … maybe I don’t need to close them down … maybe they will be closed for me.

Just remember that FACEBOOK friends are make-believe, and the world outside your window is not.

Remember your dignity, and what is important – and “important” can be defined in so many ways …

We might consider ourselves “innocent”, because we claim to have no responsibility for the sins committed against the world or each other – but this is a lie.

We are all responsible.

We are all about to be held responsible.

(actions have consequences)

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