[These quartrainia were found, washed down the Dallas metropolitan sewer, along with some ebola-vomit and blood stained underwear. Dr. Freckles (Clownadamus) shall use soul-dowsing to determine what kinds of crazy ass shit that ebola-blood-vomit contains and what it might portend.]

BAMUS stands near the fault line of charisma and self-contempt. KOC is dying, the “old hag” boils her frog eyes. KELMER is silent and unwilling to give the Russian PRINCE his due. Morbid fascination with raucous tumbling and careless joviality in the face of the 4th Angel. TEMERIX is aware of our dismissive attitudes and will remove his wand when the wet spot is dry.

ZIPANGU is toast. GURKIN, only listened to by fools, continues to spew forth nonsense and retrograde bullshit. Thyme will tell as the NORTHERN ARMIES prepare the fortress of Koblenz. Canada, Mexico, Hawaii – all in the 55th ranking of GIMBUS. Torrential rains and massive fires. Ghosts of dead cats and dogs with those weird cones around their necks – the ones that keep them from licking open wounds.

CANCER is moving towards ARIES – while PISCES is tired of the crap in the Pacific and the weird glow that abounds.

“Chancellor, we won’t stand for this!”, screams the tiny folk of Warren Town – no factories, but the flames of ignorant mendacity. Police prepare the whip, church fathers cower in despair, the “Age of Beatings” is upon us.

Magical numbers: { 88, 34, 785, 12, 44.3, 1.2347 }

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