QUARTRAINIUM 67: Hey … (yeah) (whatever)

Excise taxes paid are re-paid and re-assigned to NORVIS. Catapult builders tend to their  tightly wound hair, stressed, twisted, ready for action. Monstrous contortions of tin-pan kings and HOOSIER WHORES. Kelmer keeps watch on the WESTERN REICH.

Lyricist and drunken poet, BAMUS contends “the assembly cannot meet without my oversight” – but the congress convenes and the bitch is ignored.

DOG MAN JIM is nearing the pinnacle of power and members of the DRESSLER-HORDE attend to their new technologies. Baskets, filled with snakes, are bequeathed to the DUTCH KING and RUSSIAN GENERALS laugh boisterously from beyond the RED-LINE.

Cancer spreads, as the fiery demon bleeds into that great ocean and the whales and dolphins and sea-lions and other creatures scream – their red cries pollute the waters.

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Willow burns hot and fast.

Markets derail as the heat of early Summer scorches the meeting houses, dispelling any fear of the coming re-opening of the MORDECAI CORRIDOR. Kelmer meets with her advisory committee prior to the Summit of Paris. Gentle harbinger stands in the shadows of Montreal, and his helper holds the shiv. Someone is going to get shiv’d.

BAMUS is in retrograde vis-a-vis his bullshit attitude. Beware colic in the disease ridden emperor.

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Warp Speed, Anti-gravity, Artificial-Super-Intelligence, and Free Energy

I was thinking of the modern myth-making that is foundational in contemporary science fiction. Look at the film “Interstellar” – a film I loved, by the way – and review the kinds of technology that were in existence at the start of the film and by the ending. Worm-holes, travelling at near relativistic speeds, and anti-gravity (or synthetic-gravity) were front and center characters, along with some very funny (and extremely self-aware) artificial intelligences in the form of TARS and CASE. This is all more than entertaining – it puts forth another defense of the “technology will save us” myth, and this myth is dangerous.

  1. Warp-Speed (worm-holes, teleportation, etc.): A universe so porous, or capable of becoming so porous given some finite-energy supported mechanical-system series of events, that one can travel from one point to another almost instantaneously. Bottom line: any universe that would allow instantaneous travel, given some finite set of energy events, would be a rather unstable universe.
  2. Anti-gravity: anti-gravity sounds great, but it also calls into question the stability of mass-to-mass relationships in the universe. Gravity is a relation. Gravity has little or no meaning to a single unitary mass in an empty universe. Gravity has meaning as a proxy for that relationship between 2 or more independent masses. To sever this connection would be to impact the nature of the universal hyper-graph for matter.
  3. Artificial Super-Intelligence assumes that a form of non-biological, silicon based, originally “programmed” machine will achieve a level of trans-human intelligence – and then, you know, decide to kill all humans. Intelligence is expensive. I think in much of the analytic work done up to now the very complexity of the brain’s networked computers is both plastic and hard wired. There was a cost to this hard wiring – and I doubt Obama’s “brain mapping” project is really going to help us understand this. Bottom line: computation is not free. If you can, imagine computation as any other mechanical process – because, at a certain level, it is. As such, the more computation you want the more heat your engine will produce and the more this will cost. If the universe allowed for “free” computation, then it would also allow for information encoding schemes far more advanced than DNA.
  4. Last, but not least – FREE ENERGY: this canard stays in orbit above this planet and circles every decade or so. There is a lot of news about the eCat in Italy and how Lockheed says it is 10 years from workable fusion energy, etc., etc.. Here is the thing – energy is amazing. If there were a relatively cheap way of getting energy out of the universe, then wouldn’t the universe be constantly at risk? It seems this would introduce an incredible amount of instability into things, almost making a universal explosion inevitable.

The point I’m trying to make, or rather simple proof, is as follows:

  1. There are a set of proposed technologies, lets call them “Something for Nothing” technologies, that would allow the human race to forestall some of the harsher effects (if not all of the effects) of Peak Oil. Set: “S4N”: { Faster-than-light, Anti-gravity, Artificial-Super-Intelligence, Free-Energy }
  2. Each one of these technologies, if real, would imply a far more unstable universe – any 2 of these technologies would virtually guarantee an unstable universe.
  3. A universe this unstable could never have led to complex life.
  4. ERGO: the magical technologies listed in set S4N are impossible and cannot exist, since their very existence would call human existence and the universe’s existence into question.

So, no …

The Star Wars and Star Trek technologies are fun and cool and make for great movies, TV and video games … they probably aren’t real, or likely ever to be real.

So many are hoping, praying, and paying to watch movies that will show them some “technological miracle” that will save them. This is why they can listen to the clap-trap coming from Elon Musk’s mouth and believe his nonsense – because Americans desperately want some magical wizard to provide for them some whimsical solution to the impending doom of Peak Oil and what that implies.

The problem is this: these very technologies would imply a highly unstable and short-lived universe, and that would kinda imply no time for humans to evolve.

My friends, there is only so much stuff – water, air, earth, sun, space, available cheap energy, etc.

We might want to believe these are infinite resources or things, but they are not – nor likely ever to be.

This is what we should be learning to accept.

But it’s hard not to dream of faster-than-light trips to far-off worlds.

(everyone wants a Millennium Falcon)

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Entrepreneur: an endangered species?

There are days when the incipient, under-handed, and treacherous government activities – at all levels of governance – kind of get me down …

I can’t lie, some days the “man” grinds me down to a nub.

Today was kind of one of those days … and an ugly thought entered my head, on my way home, that was a bit troubling, disturbing … well … just plain sad.

What if the entrepreneur is an endangered species, in America?

What if the qualities we need in innovative thought-business-leaders include a love and defense of liberty?

What if creativity and innovation itself are at odds with the patent-mill and IP Law gone wild world of the MPAA, DMCA, etc.?

What if the best and brightest must be held back, because IF they were ALLOWED they would empower individual humans and NOT reduce their freedom to exist as they wish to.

But what if these people are gone, or nearly gone, and in their place we have hucksters like Elon Musk?

Timothy Cook?

Who or what do they represent?

Any ways …

What if the entrepreneur is almost extinct?

(ponder that)

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