QUARTRAINIUM 65: Gather minstrels near the STEAM!

“Oh, gather minstrels by the STEAM … prepare the boilers for this thunder-strike!”, a herald screams and the vestige of ghostly tyranny relieves MORLON-KANDU of its GOLD. Together … the masterful reliance on a shifting bridge, pillars of coal dust and rendered fat, Hebrew nobility holds the reign. Cherish those warbles and relent in your attack upon the WEST – but the PRINCE of MOSCOVY cannot be dissuaded and his spear is sharp.

Chemical fusion from the LATIN PROVINCE, but more lies spread by alphabet agencies and drinkers of old mead. The drunks are never more than 20 miles behind, and the first strike occurs at 4 AM – expect the blue light to cross Miriam’s Sea by daybreak.

“Oh, forget that first delivery and watch the drone catch fire”, but the great retailer will astound with “services” and other kinds of shite.

Temper your stand – keep your gaze upon the monolith.

Recall that the angels first fell for want of power – God sent those demons to spread seed. The seed was strewn. The angel-bastards could not be imprisoned or castaway into the pit.

“Oh, there is nothing left to forget”, and the herald dies not far from Trieste.

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To go or not? (a.k.a. – whether or not I attend the Libertarian Party of Indiana Convention)

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is holding its statewide convention tomorrow. I bought the “ticket” to attend, a few weeks ago, and at that time I was feeling abnormally optimistic about the future. Today, Friday, wanting merely to obliterate my consciousness and forget – well, I don’t know if I’m “feeling like” going today.

Here’s the thing – I am a Libertarian and I do live in Indiana. The convention is at Purdue, so it’s only about one hour’s drive away (plus or minus). I really should go, but I really don’t think it makes a difference. I can see the prurient value in observing these strange affairs, but I don’t believe some Libertarian candidate is going to come along and save America. I don’t think America can be saved at this point. America is on a roller-coaster ride to hell and no amount of wishful thinking or political action is going to change this – the momentum of history is simply too great.

So, no – I don’t know if I’m going to go.

But I might …


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“The moving-walkway is coming to an end, please watch your step …”

“… The doctor then told me … ‘honey … look at your EKG … I can tell you that you’re gonna have a minor heart attack soon’ … and I was like ‘doctor, don’t tell me this … please’ …”

The TSA guard was sitting there, her body draped over that steel framed chair, the signs of age everywhere – she was somebody’s mom, grandmother, and she had no business acting like “security”. She should be relaxing, not consuming the Monsanto cancer nuggets and wearing that uncomfortable looking uniform. But when you consider the work available these days, the jobs, for all of us … well … I suppose this is a good job, if kind of douchee and fascist.

She, the TSA employee, accosted any passer-by that moved too closely to her orbit. She would tell her stories, her anecdotes, even the joyful ones about her impending heart attack. She is a normal person ensnared in the absurdity of this temple, this monument, of impossible expectations – the airport.

The airport isn’t empty, but I arrive early for my flight expecting it to be empty.

I’m leaving for Denver at 7 AM and that means I must get to the airport by 5 AM. By 5 AM … to take off my shoes … to unbind my belt which contains a metal buckle … to pull out my computer, out of my bag, because who knows (it might contain something “bad”). I can’t even say what “bad” is, because this isn’t a private space – there are no private spaces if you are connected. “Internet of Things” – fuck yeah. We are all “things” now.

“The moving-walkway is coming to an end, please watch your step …”

I know what it is trying to tell me, I understand the message.

We make our way to this terminal, expecting to experience one last fading glow of normalcy – but nothing is normal.

I go to “Wolfgang Puck’s” pre-packaged, freeze-dried, “fresh”, bistro, and grab some “eggs” – but the toast is stale, the potatoes are from last night and the eggs have an after-taste which mocks my optimism (bullshit – what optimism?). Nothing in front of me is out of place. I savour the taste of decay, decrepitude, the aspect of sclerotic ideas and the boundaries of our American Dream.

“The moving walk-way is coming to an end, please, for fuck’s sake, watch your fucking step!”

The moving walk-way is coming to an end …

That magical, perpetual, moving thingy that we took for granted and will likely end up scrap metal on some heap – converted to farm implements and shivs and axes in a few years. That “moving walk-way” was part of the problem, and will be in our rear-view mirror soon enough. We assumed that there was some “thing” that we could step on, that would carry us home, forever and ever, and all of this was a lie to begin with – and you will only anger people if you tell them this.

I know the other people here sense it, despite their bargaining and denial.

I know that the others can see it, the ravages of entropy playing games with their make-believe middle-class world.

All I want to do is scream, AS LOUDLY AS I CAN!


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Jan TORVALD carries more than just water, he passes gas and chugs beer and revels in his PIZZA carriage. A TEAR IN THE STEEL WALL BECOMES the embrasure, mortal kin cannot spin and ill before the winds blow north. Kelmer is at the 78th meridian, her first secretary declares a FRANKISH HOLIDAY for Königsberg – PRUSSIANS ready their phalanx for a march EAST, DRANG-NACH-OSTEN!

Cherishing what little heat can be drawn, the jaunty KING is alone in his perfidy. Moving one rook to POTSDAM and one knight to KRANUS and not understanding the fires which build. A rolling black wheel of angles near AZOV, and old TURKISH PRINCES desire nothing but solace behind the wall, inland from the bridge.

Green leaves, brown smoke, white vapour – all is well friend. The DOGG is moving his castle and the willing brides of BACCHUS await his song.

Ne’er-do-well royalty without restriction – and currency flooding ZIPANGU. A glow expands, east-ward, into the great ocean – the dolphin, the whale, the tuna, all SCREAM!

MANGRUK, the troll-economist, continues his call for BOMBERS and BUILDERS! He desires a homoeostasis of infinite de-construction. Children sob as this beast does his job – and fathers sharpen shivs for the day when this troll is on a stroll.

Lucky numbers: { 167, 34.2, 99/453 }

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Reality … versus what you want to believe is “reality” …

I’m getting tired of the “oil prices are cheap ERGO all is well with the economy” meme …

For those of us who were actually awake (and sober) during our economics courses in college this looks like patent nonsense. Bottom line: there is NEVER a time when a critical, highly limited, economic input drops in value BECAUSE “times are great, booming”. Oil is the most important factor in all industrial production today – and will likely remain so for some time. If oil prices are crashing, then you can reasonably bet the economy is crashing as well.

I’m not going to spend any time trying to convince you that physical reality is constrained by natural law – if you don’t understand this, then nature will select for your destruction.

I will also not spend my resources of time/effort trying to explain that when you are getting your “new oil” from: a) tar-sands, b) deep-sea, and c) fracking … well, at that point you are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel, in the vain hope that the “barrel-bottom” is somehow infinite.

Finally – if you don’t understand that fracking, tar-sands, and deep-sea oil are expensive oil – very expensive to produce – then you are clearly a fool.

But I will keep it simple, so that even Democrats/Republicans can understand:

  1. Virtually all of the decent middle-class American jobs created since the Great Recession “ended” in 2009 were in the the “oil patch” – fracking and fracking related work. Check out the unemployment rates, by state, and specifically by occupation – even a moron will see the pattern.
  2. At $90-110 dollars a barrel, you can frack – assuming we are talking “dollars” that are not debased to worthlessness. Hundreds of billions of junk bond investments have been made, since 2009, based on the assumption that oil would never drop below this price level again. Now we are seeing oil at $50/barrel (and soon less). This is causing: a) lost jobs in the “silver lining” economy of fracking and b) junk bond/high-risk credit to implode (some believe this financial pie is many times bigger than the housing bubble).
  3. At this point in human history, you can: a) have cheap oil and low employment OR b) more expensive oil and higher employment. Gone are the days (probably forever) when you can have both “cheap oil” and “high employment” – this is simply a matter of physics and economics. This also implies, logically, that if oil prices are falling then unemployment is going to start getting worse (again) – no matter how the BLS manipulates the numbers to make it seem otherwise. Wishful thinking does not trump the brutal tug-of-war between oil prices and unemployment rates.

I know Obama enjoys spinning the “cheap oil” meme as some kind of policy coup on his part … to defeat those evil Russians – this is a nice thought until you dig into the price changes for all economically significant commodities: a) copper, b) iron-ore, c) rare-earths, etc. Obama wants you to believe he is doing this on purpose, as a choice, this is likely not the case. But please – look at the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) and ask yourself “is this a healthy economy or a patient in a hospital near death?”.

I know there are others who would like you to believe this is some “Saudi Scheme” to destroy America’s ability to produce oil – that’s nice, except the net effect (and we are already seeing it in the form of bombs and bullets) is to destabilize the Persian Gulf and Middle East even further (as if they needed more destabilization). The Saudi Kingdom NEEDS expensive oil – expensive oil is the only chance they have at survival. The Saudis no longer have the “infinite spigot” and no amount of propaganda on CNBC changes this fact. At less than $75/barrel, Saudi society begins to implode.

The reality?

The reality is the world probably never recovered from the 2007-2009 recession. We’ve been in a depression since then – that’s reality. We’ve “papered over” this depression with trillions in printed money, and now even this bromide is ceasing to have any positive effect – but there is no other option. You may not like this “reality”, but it has the features of truth and logic behind it.

So, no …

We are not in a recovery. We were never in an economic recovery.

And what will the Federal Reserve do now?

Janet Yellen might “raise rates” soon, but I doubt it – even if she does, it will be akin to sticking your big toe in frigid water and then deciding it is too cold to swim.

What is more likely is that Yellen begins a new period of quantitative easing and might touch the numbers predicted by Marc Faber a year or so ago – a program of $1 trillion in U.S. treasury purchases per month, and the FED will continue this program until … well … until who the fuck knows when … until Jesus returns, I guess.

This is reality.

(wake the fuck up)


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There is no safe haven …

  1. There is no safe haven. If you are looking for a “safe haven” for your investments? Some place to move to? Some place that will weather the coming economic/political storm unscathed? – you are going to be disappointed. There is no safe haven – the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can focus on actions that might actually help.
  2. China is NOT going to save you. The “ground state” for China historically is “loose confederation”, not centralized power – the experiment in highly-centralized government is not the norm for Chinese history. It takes a LOT of wealth (not currency, WEALTH) to maintain control in China and that wealth is drying up. I remember the late 1980s and all of the “experts” predicting Japan would take over the world … yeah … (that didn’t happen) China will be immersed in civil war within 10 years (perhaps 5).
  3. There are limited options left for those in power: a) increase the size and scope of the police state to maintain power, b) relinquish power in favour of reform or c) start a war to control the chaos. I think the elite are going to choose [c].
  4. Most likely scenario: we are on the eve of worldwide chaos, and the modus operandi of our masters is to use war to manage this kind of “change”. ERGO – expect World War 3 to start soon (and this will end in nuclear war).
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